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Canada Day, also known as Canadian Independence Day or Dominion Day and observed on the 1st of July, is an important annual public holiday in the country that commemorates the Canada as a nation that was formed by the joining of three British colonies that became one dominion. It is a national event and therefore entails patriotic programs, and fire displays, parades, music, and barbecues among families.

Over time, the advancement of the digital era has drastically changed the nature of interacting with friends and other family members during this special event. Another great example of digital media usage is the sending of e-Card as it is considered to be one of the most widely used trends in the present day. This article provides an insight into the virtual celebration processes and provides an extensive tutorial on how to design and transmit free e–cards for Canada Day celebrations.

New Trends and Developments

Embraced shows are more common than live events because of the reach and ease that generally comes with technology means. 

Out of these technologies, eCards have proven to be unique through being more of an individual and thoughtful means of extending goodwill and showing appreciation to friends and families.

Why eCards?

eCards offer several advantages over traditional paper cards:eCards offer several advantages over traditional paper cards:

Convenience: The wishes can be made as quickly as in a couple of minutes.

Cost-effective: A lot of eCard services are provided at no charge to the sender or are low cost.

Environmentally Friendly: All the papers you usually use for writing and reading or any other use are not used, which is good for the environment.

Customization: It can contain messages, images, and even music that are relevant to the event it is being given.

Instant Delivery: They can be shared as soon as possible through the use of e-mail, the social networks, and the likes.

Creating Canada Day eCards

To design an eCard for the Canada day, some easy steps are necessary, and there are several sites where developing the eCard very enjoyable and simple.

Step 1: Selecting a Proper eCard Site

Many websites and applications provide free eCard services and you can virtual cards for every occasion at your disposal. Some popular options include:

Sendwishonline. com: click on ecards to be provided with selected animated and static eCards and these are occasions such as Canada Day among others.

Canva: Canva is especially renowned for its strong design features; templates available to the customers are highly editable.

Punchbowl: Specialize on quality eCard products with personalized settings on styles.

Blue Mountain: Provides free and HD eCards for every occasion and with specific design .

Step 2: Choosing a Site Template

If you select one platform, go through the Canada Day templates to find the proper one. Places, like famous landmarks from Canada, Canadian flag, maple leaves, or fireworks should be incorporated into the item’s design.

Step 3: In conclusion, I made an eCard to be used in an electronic greeting campaign to create awareness and I customized my message as follows:

This is the area where you can really go crazy and try anything you want. Most eCard platforms allow you to:

Add Personal Messages: It is usually advised to make the text a bit more personal or even lighthearted, when expressing good-wishes.

Insert Photos: Ensure that you have added photos or images that have a personal meaning or are important to them.

Change Fonts and Colors: User control allows you to change both the text style and color, making the overall design suited to your individual taste.

Add Music: More interactive eCards have options like adding background music to make your eCard even cooler.

Step 4: In this tab, you are able to preview the messages and send them to the recipients.

Finally also always ensure that you yourself take a glance at the eCard you prepared before you send it. Sometimes there can be some errors in the text of the message, some typos, and the images should also be aligned correctly. After creating the eCard, you can feature it on your website and when completed, you can send it through an e-mail or shared on Face book, Instagram, twitter among others.

Greetings and free eCards for Canada Day

1. Patriotic Themes

Drawing on the national flag, the maple leaves, or on other symbols such as the beaver or the moose. Please write a text in form of a message for conveying the spirit of canada and the pride associated with this country.

2. Historical Significance

It is also necessary to create a card that would explain the significance of Canada Day throughout Canadian history. This should be done by providing a brief history of the holiday, and its relevance to the world today.

3. Family and Friends

A happy holiday is wishful messages and greetings that focus on family and friends coming together and creating a unified community.

4. Funny and Humorous

Crank up some laughter with some jokes about Canada and its culture, such as poutine, ice hockey or some of the idioms which originate from the country.

5. Cultural Celebrations

Demonstrate that the Canadian society is one of multicultural diversity and cultural richness. Test: Show pictures and write okmes that reflect the Canadian diversity of people and their cultures.

Tips for Sending eCards

Personal Touch: It is good practice to include a personal touch, whether it be in the form of a greeting, comment, or a happy campaign image; just something to let the recipient know that it wasn’t sent by a program. The message on it proves that you have given some thought when deciding to give the card.

Timely Sending: Better still, send your eCard one or two days to the Canada Day so that the recipient receives it as a way of celebrating the country’s day.

Recipient Preferences: The design and the message has to be viewed from the eyes of the recipient taking into account his/her likes and dislikes.

Follow-Up: Often, after sending the eCard it is good to up with a phone call or message to get a chance to discuss further.


Members of the Canadian community and people who appreciate its achievement took time to share their feelings and values with dear ones on Canada Day. Thus, the use of eCards are current, practical, and friendly to the environment, as sharing the feelings of this particular day can now be easily conveyed through the internet. From conveying personal messages such as ‘get well soon’ memos, making a friend laugh or complimenting a friend’s artwork through designs, eCards act as a way of connecting people regardless of the distance. While we make the transition to hosting digital parties for Canada Day, we are at the same time promoting connectivity and efficiency in this social cause. Therefore, on this July 1st, it will be a good idea to develop and send a free Canada Day e-card so as to pass the idea of nationalism throughout Canada.

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